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warrior fashion

warriors graphic lace and bold styling sends a fresh, contemporary message of owning motherhood and relishing in a new opportunity for fashion...


projectme warrior fashion range

graphic lace juxtaposed with slashes of satin shine and signature rose gold magnetic nursing clips, Warrior sends a fresh, contemporary message of owning motherhood and relishing in a new opportunity for fashion.

nursing or maternity bra?

nursing bras offer added features including a clip at the top of the cup, which unclips to open for feeding or pumping. Our magnetic clip will gently snap back together so you can focus on baby, while the back of the bra adjusts more than a standard bra to grow with you. You can wear a nursing bra during your pregnancy, you will get to use it later after baby arrives.

why project me briefs?

you can never have too many pairs of knickers, especially when they’re as sexy and comfortable as these. Projectme’s range underwear styles provides maximum hotness with 360 design consideration to have you looking hot from all angles. With super soft stretchy fabrics and elastics, absorbent cotton gusset, and under-the-bump design they make your belly look super cute both while rocking the belly and perfect for after bubs arrives too. 

finding the right fit

as with all bras, finding the right fit can be challenging especially with a changing body and breasts. The band under your bust should sit flat across your back not riding upwards. Avoiding any cutting in on your breast tissue is important, bras which are too tight can restrict the flow and amount of milk produced – so it is important to change to a maternity/nursing bra after you feel like your non-maternity bras are uncomfortable and no longer fitting or offering the right support. You may find your cup sizes change as your pregnancy progresses, every pregnancy and woman is different, however you may find you need to go up 3-4 cup sizes and increase your band size as your baby grows. Further changes can occur during the nursing cycle, when your milk flow comes in you may increase in the cup size before your bust size settles again.
Our briefs feature narrow cut Brazilian and classic bikini backs to show off your curves. Sit them low on your hips or pull them higher for a more modern 90’s aesthetic, wear them your way

Check out our Fit Me page and FAQs to check if you have the right size.