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Flexi Underwire Nursing Bras

flexible wire support for great shape without discomfort, the closest you'll get to wearing your pre-pregnancy bras in shape and support while still having all the benefits of a nursing bra…

projectme flexi-wire nursing range

projectme is redefining nursing bras for a new generation where functional never means sacrificing style. Flexi-underwire technology is utilised for maximum comfort and support, including larger D-G cup sizes. These wires are designed to flex with your body to gently support and shape. For most people wearing a flexi-wire while pregnant and nursing is safe, we simply say that you should not wear a wire when 'you' feel like your breasts are changing in size throughout the day or are highly sensitive to issues with blockages.

why projectme flexi underwire?

our flexi underwire nursing and maternity bras put fashion at the forefront for a new generation that understands you don’t have to choose between comfort, style, and practicality. Enjoy the best of all three with a bra that combines a feel you recognise with practical features including clips at the top of the bra that allow for easy feeding and pumping, which snap gently back into place with the convenience of a magnetic clip. They also grow with you, with additional hooks allowing you to extend and tighten, so you can wear these during pregnancy and later after your newborn arrives.

finding the right bra fit

finding the perfect bra that fits your body may seem impossible, but our flexi-wire maternity and nursing bras fit all shapes and sizes through pregnancy and beyond. As every woman is different, you might find you need to change band or cup by up to 3-4 sizes through pregnancy as your little one grows or during the nursing cycle. You’ll know it’s time to ditch your non-maternity bras when they start to dig in and feel uncomfortable, as this can reduce the flow and production of milk. The perfect fit isn’t too tight, and ensures that the band sits comfortably under your bust and flat across your back without riding up.

Check out our Fit Me page and FAQs to check if you have the right size.